Meet Laura


Hi I’m Laura, a homemaker, essential oil educator, and blogger.  I am happily married and a stay at home mama to my 3 little ones.  I enjoy recreating recipes into real wholesome foods, gardening, cleaning, organizing and have a passion for all things natural! Wholesome Homestead was started so I can share my extensive research on building a healthy immune system while correcting gut issues, my experience with natural healing and the GAPS diet, and tips on living organically from food to beauty products.

I never really cared about anything healthy until I was married and became a mother.  Samuel, our second, got bronchitis, pneumonia, and an ear infection at 7 months old and was prescribed antibiotics and steroids.  Having a baby so sick I was desperate to get him better and did everything the doctor told me to do.  He got better and I didn’t give it another thought.  About a month later he started getting eczema all over his arms and legs.  I started doing research about eczema and came across information that changed our lifestyle completely.  I learned that eczema is an auto-immune disorder and the rash that appears on the skin isn’t as big as an issue as what is happening inside the gut. I was learning that having a healthy gut is crucial!  

I kept reading and researching and decided I had to do something to help heal Samuel’s leaky gut. Poor gut health can be associated with antibiotics, steroids, over the counter medication, sugary-processed foods, stress, and environment.  I started researching gut health and how to heal it every chance I had and came across a book called “Gut and Psychology Syndrome” by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride.  She has a complete diet mapped out including different stages to heal a leaky gut called the GAPS diet.  My family has been on this diet for 2 years.  My blog will share our experiences, stories, my favorite recipes, and tips as we continue on our journey living life as healthy and natural as possible. Thanks so much for reading along!